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Irontite 3 Stage Cylinder Head & Cylinder Block Sealer

Part No: 9200-16/K
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Perform a three stage Cylinder Head and Cylinder Block repair to any water cooled engine with our IRONTITE BARGAIN PACK of sealers & additives.

It is particularly suited to Rover V8 engines!

The 'Professionals Choice' in Engine and Cooling System Sealers and Additives since 1960! Irontite additives supplement the crack repair process and provide the number 1 Choice in cooling system sealers and flushes by Mechanics and Engine Rebuilding Professionals.

Thoro Flush - Strongest Flush on The Market Today!
Industrial Strength Radiator and Engine Cleaner!
A 15 minute Flush that gets the crud out!

Ceramic Motor Seal - The Racers Choice
Ceramic coats your cooling system.
Seal leaks and cracks in the radiator, head & intake gaskets.
Seals and Smooths metal porosity improving coolant flow!

all weather seal info

All Weather Seal - Our Top Seller
The Ultimate Fix for Head Gasket Leaks.
Mixes with Anti-Freeze!
Emulsifies to stay suspended in your cooling system!
Very Easy and Quick to use in Cast Iron and Aluminum Blocks!

Stage 1  Flush the engine using the Thoro Flush this will remove all contaminates such as grease, oil & sludge, it also loosens rust and scale.
Stage 2  Run the engine for 4-6 hours (3-400 miles) with the Ceramic Seal enabling a ceramic coating of the internal surfaces to build up.
Stage 3  Add the Irontite All Weather Seal and it is ready to be driven again.


Thoro Flush

Thoro Flush is the best commercial grade product for removing all traces of any Ethylene Glycol based Radiator Fluid. It removes rust, grease, and sludge to make your engine cooling system perform better. Very expensive repair bills can be avoided by using Thoro Flush at least twice a year. Regular application of Thoro Flush to your automobile helps extend the life of your vehicle, reduces the possibility of a clogged heater core, and helps keep the cooling system fluid flowing through out your vehicles engine and radiator.

Thoro Flush is a 'Must Have' if you are planning to repair a head gasket leak or before using any kind of a cooling system sealant in your vehicle. Using Thoro Flush prior to applying a sealant will insure that all passage ways are free from near obstruction that could cause the sealant to plug an area of the cooling system that you don't want plugged. Clogged Heater Cores can be the direct result of NOT using Thoro Flush in your cars cooling system, especially prior to using a sealant. If you use additives to your cooling system, your oil, or your gasoline, you should also use Thoro Flush on a regular basis to insure that your cooling system remains in top working condition and is free from any contaminants.

Ceramic Motor Seal

Have you been advised that it is due to a cracked or porous, cylinder head or cylinder block?

If you should decide to have your engine fully reconditioned, it could potentially cost you thousands of pounds.

There is an alternative… Before you go to the trouble of stripping the engine for further inspection, why not try circulating ‘Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal’ through your engines cooling system?

Professionals in the engine rebuilding industry have used 'Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal' for over 40 years, to resolve engine coolant leakage problems.

'Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal' is an inert viscous fluid, free of vegetable matter, unaffected by heat or cold, but possessed of an unusual affinity for cast iron, copper, bronze or aluminium.

Following circulation in castings containing cracks, crevices and open pores, ‘Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal’ cures “iron-tight”, as the chemical sealant actually integrates itself into the cast iron, copper, bronze or aluminium casting to which it has been applied.

No specialist knowledge or tools are required, as full and easy to follow instructions are printed directly on the bottle.

Unlike other products this is a permanent repair and does not need to be re-done if you change your coolant. It is ceramic based and so can withstand the heat and stresses of a modern water cooled engine.

It is designed to repair cracks up to 0.50mm wide.

All Weather Seal

  • Seals Intake and Head Gasket Leaks.
  • Seals Cracks in Cylinder Head and Engine Blocks.
  • Prevents Anti-Freeze seepage through gaskets and hoses.
  • Lubricates Water Pump Seals.
  • Mixes With All Anti-Freeze.
  • Add Directly to Radiator.

Ideal for all weather conditions.


Perform a three stage Cylinder Head and Cylinder Block repair to any water cooled engine with our IRONTITE BARGAIN PACK of sealers & additives.


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