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Flywheel Grinding

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We resurface all types of Flywheels.

We "Plunge Grind" Flywheels that means the entire contact surface are machined at the same time.

We can therefore control the accuracy, grind out the hard spots and ensure a quality job.

Runout does not exist – common with Flywheels which are machined on lathes.

Our Flywheel Grinder will produce an excellent Swirl Finish.

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Flywheel Grinding Machine FG5000-PH

Flywheel Grinding Machine

Flywheel Resurfacing

Flywheel Resurfacing

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Kwik Way Flywheels

Images show the flywheel grinding machine and the flywheel grinding process, as well as the range of flywheels that we machine, including stepped flywheels, racing clutch components, centre plate, truck flat flywheel and a heavy duty truck stepped flywheel.