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Engine Ford Transit 2.0 TDCi 2016 onwards FWD

Part No: 70-062020-01
£Our Price: 2,300.00
Condition: Remanufactured
ModelsTourneo Custom V362, Transit, Transit Custom V362
Cubic Capacity1995cc
Valves / Cam Config16V - DOHC

Remanufactured engine sold on a service exchange basis.

Surcharge value: £300 plus VAT.


Engine for FORD fitting Tourneo Custom V362, Transit, Transit Custom V362 and for engines BJFA, BJFB, BKFA, BKFB, BLFA, BLFB, YLF6, YLFA, YLFB, YLFS, YMF6, YMFA, YMFB, YMFS, YNF6, YNFA, YNFB, YNFS. 

Engines either New or Remanufactured. Brand new engines from the vehicle manufacturers. Remanufactured engines assembled in our own engine workshop. 


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