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Ceramic Seal P38 Range Rover 4.6 Ltr

Part No: 9120-16
£Our Price: 35.00
Product Information

Is Your Range Rover Engine Losing Water?

Have you been advised that it is due to a cracked or porous, cylinder head or cylinder block?

If you should decide to have your engine fully reconditioned, it could potentially cost you thousands of pounds.

There is an alternative…
Before you go to the trouble of stripping the engine for further inspection, why not try circulating 'Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal' through your engines cooling system?

Professionals in the engine rebuilding industry have used 'Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal' for over 40 years, to resolve engine coolant leakage problems.

'Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal' is an inert viscous fluid, free of vegetable matter, unaffected by heat or cold, but possessed of an unusual affinity for cast iron, copper, bronze or aluminium.

Following circulation in castings containing cracks, crevices and open pores, Irontite Ceramic Motor Seal cures 'iron-tight', as the chemical sealant actually integrates itself into the cast iron, copper, bronze or aluminium casting to which it has been applied.

No specialist knowledge or tools are required, as full and easy to follow instructions are printed directly on the bottle.

Unlike other products this is a permanent repair and does not need to be re-done if you change your coolant. It is ceramic based and so can withstand the heat and stresses of a modern water cooled engine.

It is designed to repair cracks up to 0.50mm wide.


  • Leaking Head Gaskets.
  • Cracked Heads and Blocks in Aluminum or Cast Iron
  • Coats the Engine & Prevents Formation of Rust and Salt Water Corrosion.
  • Seals Porous Castings in the Cooling System.
  • Stops Coolants Leaks.
  • Promotes Heat Dissipation for Added Power.

Add to Radiator Only After Removing Anti-Freeze.

Please note this is a treatment which requires the cooling system to be drained (and preferably flushed) before use

The treatment requires 4 hours of engine running (this does not have to be continuous) and then draining. Directions for use clearly stated on the bottle.

1 Bottle treats up to 5 gallons.

Irontite engine flush is recommended for use alongside this product.


Irontite Ceramic Seal for P38 Range Rover V8 engines seals leaks in the radiator and minor cracks in the cylinder head and block. 


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