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Camshaft RENAULT 20-187963

Part No: 20-187963
OEM Nos: 8200718120
£Our Price: 74.16
Engine CodesK9K, K9K.700, K9K.702, K9K.704, K9K.710, K9K.712, K9K.714, K9K.718, K9K.722, K9K.728, K9K.729, K9K.750, K9K.752, K9K.766, K9K.790
Cubic Capacity1461cc
Valves / Cam Config8V - SOHC
Camshaft Sensor1 Sensor Trigger

Camshaft for RENAULT fitting CLIO, GRAND MODUS, GRAND SCENIC, KANGOO, MEGANE, MODUS, SCENIC, THALIA, TWINGO and for engines K9K, K9K.700, K9K.702, K9K.704, K9K.710, K9K.712, K9K.714, K9K.718, K9K.722, K9K.728, K9K.729, K9K.750, K9K.752, K9K.766, K9K.790. 

The purpose of the camshaft is to open and close the valves. Normally one camshaft is required for each valve, with the shape of the cam determining the valve lift so that the valve is opened as smoothly as possible. 


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SCENIC K9K.718, GRAND SCENIC K9K.722, GRAND SCENIC K9K.728, GRAND SCENIC K9K.729, GRAND SCENIC K9K.750, GRAND SCENIC K9K.752, GRAND SCENIC K9K.766, GRAND SCENIC K9K.790, KANGOO K9K, KANGOO K9K.700, KANGOO K9K.702, KANGOO K9K.704, KANGOO K9K.710, KANGOO K9K.712, KANGOO K9K.714, KANGOO K9K.718, KANGOO K9K.722, KANGOO K9K.728, KANGOO K9K.729, KANGOO K9K.750, KANGOO K9K.752, KANGOO K9K.766, KANGOO K9K.790, MEGANE K9K, MEGANE K9K.700, MEGANE K9K.702, MEGANE K9K.704, MEGANE K9K.710, MEGANE K9K.712, MEGANE K9K.714, MEGANE K9K.718, MEGANE K9K.722, MEGANE K9K.728, MEGANE K9K.729, MEGANE K9K.750, MEGANE K9K.752, MEGANE K9K.766, MEGANE K9K.790, MODUS K9K, MODUS K9K.700, MODUS K9K.702, MODUS K9K.704, MODUS K9K.710, MODUS K9K.712, MODUS K9K.714, MODUS K9K.718, MODUS K9K.722, MODUS K9K.728, MODUS K9K.729, MODUS K9K.750, MODUS K9K.752, MODUS K9K.766, MODUS K9K.790, SCENIC K9K, SCENIC K9K.700, SCENIC K9K.702, SCENIC K9K.704, SCENIC K9K.710, SCENIC K9K.712, SCENIC K9K.714, SCENIC K9K.718, SCENIC K9K.722, SCENIC K9K.728, SCENIC K9K.729, SCENIC K9K.750, SCENIC K9K.752, SCENIC K9K.766, SCENIC K9K.790, THALIA K9K, THALIA K9K.700, THALIA K9K.702, THALIA K9K.704, THALIA K9K.710, THALIA K9K.712, THALIA K9K.714, THALIA K9K.718, THALIA K9K.722, THALIA K9K.728, THALIA K9K.729, THALIA K9K.750, THALIA K9K.752, THALIA K9K.766, THALIA K9K.790, TWINGO K9K, TWINGO K9K.700, TWINGO K9K.702, TWINGO K9K.704, TWINGO K9K.710, TWINGO K9K.712, TWINGO K9K.714, TWINGO K9K.718, TWINGO K9K.722, TWINGO K9K.728, TWINGO K9K.729, TWINGO K9K.750, TWINGO K9K.752, TWINGO K9K.766, TWINGO K9K.790, K9K CLIO, K9K.700 CLIO, K9K.702 CLIO, K9K.704 CLIO, K9K.710 CLIO, K9K.712 CLIO, K9K.714 CLIO, K9K.718 CLIO, K9K.722 CLIO, K9K.728 CLIO, K9K.729 CLIO, K9K.750 CLIO, K9K.752 CLIO, K9K.766 CLIO, K9K.790 CLIO, K9K GRAND MODUS, K9K.700 GRAND MODUS, K9K.702 GRAND MODUS, K9K.704 GRAND MODUS, K9K.710 GRAND MODUS, K9K.712 GRAND MODUS, K9K.714 GRAND MODUS, K9K.718 GRAND MODUS, K9K.722 GRAND MODUS, K9K.728 GRAND MODUS, K9K.729 GRAND MODUS, K9K.750 GRAND MODUS, K9K.752 GRAND MODUS, K9K.766 GRAND MODUS, K9K.790 GRAND MODUS, K9K GRAND SCENIC, K9K.700 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.702 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.704 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.710 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.712 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.714 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.718 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.722 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.728 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.729 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.750 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.752 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.766 GRAND SCENIC, K9K.790 GRAND SCENIC, K9K KANGOO, K9K.700 KANGOO, K9K.702 KANGOO, K9K.704 KANGOO, K9K.710 KANGOO, K9K.712 KANGOO, K9K.714 KANGOO, K9K.718 KANGOO, K9K.722 KANGOO, K9K.728 KANGOO, K9K.729 KANGOO, K9K.750 KANGOO, K9K.752 KANGOO, K9K.766 KANGOO, K9K.790 KANGOO, K9K MEGANE, K9K.700 MEGANE, K9K.702 MEGANE, K9K.704 MEGANE, K9K.710 MEGANE, K9K.712 MEGANE, K9K.714 MEGANE, K9K.718 MEGANE, K9K.722 MEGANE, K9K.728 MEGANE, K9K.729 MEGANE, K9K.750 MEGANE, K9K.752 MEGANE, K9K.766 MEGANE, K9K.790 MEGANE, K9K MODUS, K9K.700 MODUS, K9K.702 MODUS, K9K.704 MODUS, K9K.710 MODUS, K9K.712 MODUS, K9K.714 MODUS, K9K.718 MODUS, K9K.722 MODUS, K9K.728 MODUS, K9K.729 MODUS, K9K.750 MODUS, K9K.752 MODUS, K9K.766 MODUS, K9K.790 MODUS, K9K SCENIC, K9K.700 SCENIC, K9K.702 SCENIC, K9K.704 SCENIC, K9K.710 SCENIC, K9K.712 SCENIC, K9K.714 SCENIC, K9K.718 SCENIC, K9K.722 SCENIC, K9K.728 SCENIC, K9K.729 SCENIC, K9K.750 SCENIC, K9K.752 SCENIC, K9K.766 SCENIC, K9K.790 SCENIC, K9K THALIA, K9K.700 THALIA, K9K.702 THALIA, K9K.704 THALIA, K9K.710 THALIA, K9K.712 THALIA, K9K.714 THALIA, K9K.718 THALIA, K9K.722 THALIA, K9K.728 THALIA, K9K.729 THALIA, K9K.750 THALIA, K9K.752 THALIA, K9K.766 THALIA, K9K.790 THALIA, K9K TWINGO, K9K.700 TWINGO, K9K.702 TWINGO, K9K.704 TWINGO, K9K.710 TWINGO, K9K.712 TWINGO, K9K.714 TWINGO, K9K.718 TWINGO, K9K.722 TWINGO, K9K.728 TWINGO, K9K.729 TWINGO, K9K.750 TWINGO, K9K.752 TWINGO, K9K.766 TWINGO, K9K.790 TWINGO, RENAULT Camshaft, 8200718120