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Camshaft Kit AUDI 25-2243567/K2

Part No: 25-2243567/K2
£Our Price: 118.00
Kit Contents
Camshaft Bushes1
Tappets (Hydraulic Lifter)8
ModelsA3, A4, A6
Cubic Capacity1896cc
Valves / Cam Config8V - SOHC
InformationHydraulic Lifters - DLC Coated

Camshaft Kit for AUDI fitting A3, A4, A6 and for engines AJM, ANU, ASZ, ATD, ATJ, AVB, AVF, AWX, AXR, BKC, BXE. 

Our Camshaft Kits are competitvely priced and contain all the parts that you need to install the camshaft. This includes camshaft (inlet and exhaust where applicable) hydraulic lifters, cam followers, rocker arms, thrust pads and bearings. 


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