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Big End Bearings LANCIA CR4171CP/STD

Part No: CR4171CP/STD
£Our Price: 25.00
Engine Codes160.D1.000, 175.A4.000, 182.A2.000, 831.D5.000, 831.E5.000, 834.C1.000, 834.F1.000, 834.F2.000, 835.A4.000, 835.A8.046, 836.A2.000, 836.A3.000, 838.A4.000, 839.A4.000, 839.A7.000
Cubic Capacity1747cc, 1929cc, 1995cc
Bearing SizeSTD
Crankshaft Journal Size (STD)50.808 / 50.795 mm

Big End Bearings for LANCIA fitting DEDRA, DELTA, KAPPA, LYBRA, THEMA and for engines 160.D1.000, 175.A4.000, 182.A2.000, 831.D5.000, 831.E5.000, 834.C1.000, 834.F1.000, 834.F2.000, 835.A4.000, 835.A8.046, 836.A2.000, 836.A3.000, 838.A4.000, 839.A4.000, 839.A7.000. 

Big End Bearings, also known as Con Rod Bearings, support the crankshaft and allow it to spin freely. If your main bearings go then the crankshaft will likely need replacing, but if your rod bearings go the engine itself might need to be rebuilt altogether. 


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